Why cats are the best pets

Scientific research has proven that pets can help people to overcome depression and also make people feel less lonely. The most common once are cats and dogs but people can have from rabbits to snakes in their houses as long as it is allowed in their city or area. Even though having a furry, or not so furry, friend waiting for us when we get home is always nice but the best pet to have is a cat.


Cats do not require much attention and they usually enjoy their time alone. Sometimes we barely have the time to take care of ourselves and having a pet always required attention but cats don’t demand as much of it as other pets such as dogs so you won’t feel bad if you don’t have the time to play with them for a couple of days in a row. Besides, no matter how long you haven’t been there, they hold no grudges and they are always up for playing with you.


When they get attached to you, they will like to be by your side most of the time and especially when you sleep. They will roll up next to you so they can feel your warm and you can feel theirs. They also purr when they sleep and that soothing sound makes you sleep like a very happy baby. And since they are mostly inside the house and care so much about their neatness, they won’t get your sheets dirty so you don’t have to worry about that if you decide to have then with you in your bed.


They don’t take too much space and do not require to be in a big area to play and be happy. They enjoy being inside the house and especially on the bed and furniture so if you live in a small apartment, they would be a perfect fit.


To get their trust and love is not easy. They first analyze you and then you need to prove you are worthy of their affection. They can sense the vibe and intentions of people so if your cat doesn’t like someone, maybe you should pay closer attention to who that person is and what they might be doing for your cat’s disapproval. Of course, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on what your cat express, but you can use your little friend intuition as a warning sign to step back a little bit and try to see as they are and not just as you want them to be.


They not only like chasing mice, but they also enjoy getting rid of any insect they see. They will chase and eliminate flies, little lizards, little spiders and other small insects we don’t want in our house. After a while, you won’t see as many insects in your house as before.