What Young People Should Understand Before Is Too Late

We live in a very interesting moment in history for women. We are now more than ever involved in world affairs and our voice is being heard about many topics. For the previous generations, and even for the one we are at, it might be too late but the future generations seem to have a different perspective and different expectations. This has led to women demanding equal opportunities for all and an equal amount of responsibilities as well. The new generation of men seems to be more open to women as equals but we have to be careful about how we approach this new era.

Men owe something to women.

It is important to let young people know that it is the right of all human beings to e treated with respect and dignity. This is not a war against men, this is a fight for rights we shouldn’t be fighting for. Equality should be the norm, but unfortunately, it isn’t. Do not mislead teenage boys making them believe they have some debt towards women and they need to put up with everything we do. No, equality starts by example and we cannot try to compensate centuries of men dominated cultured on a generation that didn’t know anything else. We can just try to educate them so they see how things should be and how unfair things have been. 

Women are superior to men

Again, the keyword here is equality. We are all the same, with the same rights and obligations. There is no reason to make young people believe they need to put themselves in the background because is women’s turn to shine. We will shine together for a better world. It is not healthy to try to make men feel bad for a privilege they didn’t ask for and that, with all due honesty, it would be difficult for anyone to quit. But we need to let them know that by accepting us to be by their side will not dismay them, all the contrary, it will elevate us to a new level that will be beneficial for all of us.

In a world where everybody seems to hate each other and other people’s success seems to be a proof of other’s failure, we need to teach young people that there is a better way to do things, that the world is big enough for all of us and that equality doesn’t necessarily mean that some will have to have less for other to have some. There is enough success, wealth and happiness for all of us as it is a renewable resource and we will never run out of it, no matter what a very small but powerful group of people might what you to believe. This is the time to act for us and for the generations to come. This is the moment we decide what kind of world we would like to live and the legacy we would like to leave.