What is divorce mediation?

We all know that most divorce and separation bring up feeling resentment and anger on both parties. The emotional conflict and anger tend to make the divorce process more difficult and expensive. To make your divorce process run smoothly and less complicated, getting divorce mediation can be the right option. So, what is divorce mediation?

What should you know divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a mediation process between divorce couple that is conducted by a specially trained third party to discuss and resolve commons separation and divorce related problems. The divorce mediation allows the divorce process less complicated and relatively less stressful than a divorce trial in the court. Divorce mediation reduces the cost of the divorce and speeds up the divorce process. This is true as divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to have the final say in front of the judge.

How to choose the right Mediator

As we all know that divorce is a complicated matter that anyone could go through. Moreover, the issue will become more difficult when children are involved. Any couple who seek for divorce mediator, they have to find the best divorce mediator they need. The divorce mediator should have skill, knowledge, and experience in dealing with divorce issues like child custody, Child support, visitation and many more. Divorce mediator should also have good knowledge and skills for conflict resolution as well as state divorce laws and regulation.

How divorce mediation works

The divorce mediator is in a neutral position. The mediator helps both parties to come on a specific agreement they need. However, the judge will not force the couple to go to Divorce mediator if any party want to go to the court. The divorce mediation will only take place if both sides agree to solve their problems with a divorce mediator. The mediation process usually takes place by inviting both parties to express their expectation for the most common issues in the divorce situation. Many divorce-related problems need to be solved such as:

    • Child Custody and visitation
    • Home and other property division
  • Child and spousal support and so on

It is worth to mention that there is no time limit for divorce mediation. However, it is important to know that longer it takes the more time more money the couple has to spend on divorce mediation. Some couple can resolve their issue with only a few sessions while others have to spend more money as they need a lengthy process to reach a specific agreement. When both parties are agree on all standing issues, the divorce mediator will make a divorce settlement agreement that both parties have to reviews and sign the draft accordingly. The draft then presented to the court for the judge to decide.

The divorce process is not an easy process to go through. The process will be more difficult if both parties don’t have the same views on how they should go for their divorce process. The divorce mediator helps the couple to reach specific agreement on particular divorce-related issue. This agreement makes easier divorce trial, which is less complicated and cheaper.

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