How to Tell If A Plant Is Healthy

Knowing the signs of a healthy plant is the first step to achieve a better garden. It might save you some time as you can prevent the worse possibility ever. Some signs can also be seen in many parts of the plant. You can tell it by looking at the leaves’ condition, the stems, the roots, and the entire look of the plants. It doesn’t take you to be a professional to be aware of this stuff. You just need to be more assertive about your plants surrounding as well as attentive to your planting cares. So, what you need to look out for when you want to tell if your plants healthy or not? Below is some list we recap about it just for you.

1.    Infected plants

Some plants might be healthy but some others might be not. There is a various reason that could make your plants ill. One of them is pests and diseases. Pest and diseases of the plants might be caused by bacteria, fungus, and even viruses that come from the bugs like spider mites, mealy bugs and a wholesome chemical substance from the fertilization that you use. You can tell it by looking at the leaves or the joints, the place where pests are often found. If you find some pests, then your plants might be not healthy anymore.

2.    Roots

Roots are like the hearth of the plants, if the roots are rotten or ruined, the condition of the plant might be unhealthy. It might be hard to look for the root condition as its located deep down the soil, but unfortunately, there is a way of how to know it without trying to dig and pull the plants out. You can look at the drainage hole of the pot. If you see the root growing through the hole, it means your plant has been put in that pot for too long. There is another sign such as rootbound that can be found on the top of the potting mix. The colour of the root can also be a sign of an illness. For example, a dark-coloured root means your root is over watered or over fertilization, while swollen roots can be caused by root-knot infections.

3.    Leaves

Your plants’ leaves changing its colour might be beautiful in a scene but at the same time, it could be a sign that your plant is unhealthy. A young leaves changing to yellow can because of the lack of sunlight, over fertilization and even lack of iron and manganese. If it happens to an old leaf, it might cause by a rotten root, lack of nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium in the soil, or even viruses and pests infections. The humidity of the location could cause the problem on the leaves and it might even affect the whole growth of the plant if you don’t carefully treat it.

That is all some points you need to be more cautious to tell if a plant is healthy or not! Be sure to check your plant condition daily and put the utmost care for a better plant condition! If the plant is not healthy, you may use the services of your local Tree Removal experts to get the tree removed and then plant a new one.

Cynthia Peters

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