Important Traits of a Kitchen Designer

When choosing a kitchen designer, there are important traits to look for. Any professional you work with should always have your best interests in mind, while also using their proven experience to upgrade your kitchen. You want your kitchen to function within your lifestyle, budget, and fashion sense. To do this, choose a designer who listens to your needs and plans the design around those conversations and examples. Anyone who works in interior design should have strong attention to detail. Especially, for kitchen designers, this is particularly important.

Well-versed in product lines

With the overwhelming array of options available in cabinetry, counter-tops, and design accessories, you need a kitchen designer well-versed with many product lines. The major advantage to this is that you can often find solutions in which premium product options can be mixed and matched with more affordable ones to create a high-end feel in your kitchen.

Helps Balance Wants and Needs

Since every kitchen budget is finite, it’s important to set priorities in the design. While cabinets and counter-tops are always the top priorities, what is spent on them affects the rest of the design budget. A good kitchen designer can help determine which materials and choices fit the plan, but are also cost-effective. Because this is their profession, they will likely have options you haven’t considered that could fit your ideal kitchen without going over budget. Wants are not always the same as needs and sometimes there’s a better option that fits the desired look, functionality and budget, at the same time.


The best kitchen designer should be most focused on the kitchen design itself, and not simply trying to push sales. Unfortunately, pressure to meet certain sales quotas for certain materials or specific manufacturers is a real thing. Pay attention to your contractor’s actions. Are enough questions being asked regarding your wants and needs or does the designer seems to be more focused on showing you models without knowing exactly what you’re looking for first? Every designer should be presenting design options. That’s normal. However, pushing certain lines too hard is not.

Creative Usage of Space

Many people don’t realize all the space available for use in the kitchen. There are creative ways to make use of blank space that would normally go to waste. A good kitchen designer makes full use of everything that’s available, including areas you never thought could be used so well. Areas like corners, wall space, underneath the counters, the ceiling, and more can all be utilized to make your kitchen more efficient. The best kitchen designer will be able to show you how to do this.

Ability to Stick to a Budget

Along with being able to do everything mentioned above, a good kitchen designer should be able to stick to your given budget. Peter Zoni of Cape Cod Ready Mix, a concrete supper, says, “Sticking to a project budget is crucial to the happiness of the client at the end of the day.” Even though Cape Cod Ready Mix is in a different industry it still shows that in any industry staying on budget is one of the most important skills to have as a project manager, or designer. Any designer can show you something wonderful. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in that profession. However, the best designer for your kitchen will do it while staying within or under budget. Under budget is best for the first design plan, as there should be room for unexpected costs.

Cynthia Peters

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