How To Design A Functional Family Friendly Kitchen

If you want the kitchen to become a place that the whole family will gather and enjoy, it must be designed to fit everyone’s needs.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s a place where families gather to share a meal, talk, cook, you name it. You want to make sure the space is capable of handling all these things.

The first step to creating a functional space for your family is to consider the space available for your family in your kitchen. Is there enough room in the current layout? Is there a possibility to expand into another room or add an addition? These are both great questions to ask your team of Designers.

Here you can find the best ideas and tips for designing a family-friendly kitchen.

Add an Island and Seating

If you are looking to add value to your kitchen and design a family-friendly kitchen, you should mainly consider installing a kitchen island. The kitchen island is an excellent place for gathering, entertaining, meal-prep and more.

Cabinet Storage

Remember that a family kitchen must be organized, because usually there will be several people in the kitchen at the same time. The solution? Plenty of storage! At Emily’s Interiors, their Kitchen Designers offer plenty of storage solutions including Tupperware organization, charging drawers, appliance storage and more. Check out some of their cabinet storage solutions in action here.


If you’ve got the room for it, a pantry is the perfect place to organize all of your family’s snacks, appliances and everything else a kitchen needs to be a functional space!

Office Kitchen

If you feel you don’t have a perfect place to put your home office, why not make it an extension of the kitchen? The design by Emily’s Interiors gave our client extra kitchen cabinets for their kitchen while adding a few drawers and more for the office space. There’s even a wine rack above the desk for those extra long work from home days!

Is it time to get started on designing your functional family kitchen? Emily’s Interiors may be able to help you! Browse some of Emily’s Interiors recent projects on Houzz. Or you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest and stay tuned for more updates on home design ideas.