How do Businesses Use Google Drive?

About Google Drive

Maybe you often hear the term Google drive or find the application on a smartphone device, but you don’t know much about what this application is used for or what the functions of Google drive are.


The definition of Google Drive

Google drive is one of the free or paid document or file storage services depending on the amount of storage memory capacity itself. Not only can you save files, but Google Drive is also connected with other Google features like Gmail, Google Search and so on. This certainly will make it easier for users or users to access files and data they have. It is a cloud based system meaning you can access all your documents from anywhere in the world and on any device as long as you have the correct login to your account. An IT professional based out of Cape Cod says, “Cloud based systems are growing in popularity because of how flexible and affordable they are. We always recommend the right system to our clients, because in some cases cloud is the way to go for some corporations.”


Function and capacity

The main function of Google Drive that is most prominent is to save files or documents and users can access them anywhere both at home and at the office of course by connecting to an internet connection. Google drives provide a storage capacity of 5GB and can be increased by paying around 2.5 USD per month. Data that can be stored in Google Drive is data created through the Google Drive menu itself and data created using other applications outside of Google Drive.


How to create a Google drive account

To save files on Google Drive, of course, you must have a Google Drive account beforehand. The way to make it is very easy. Enter or just type in your browser. That way you will go to the sign in Gmail page. Because you want to create an account, then click “More options”, two choices will appear and click “Create account”. Log-in to your Gmail account and click the box-shaped icon and click the Google Drive logo.


How to save files on Google drive

There are several ways you can choose to upload the file you want to save. The first way is to drag-drop or moves the file you want to the Google Drive page. This method is the easiest and most practical. Select the file you want to upload, click, and slide it to your Google Drive page until there is a “copy” sign.

Another way you can choose is to upload directly from the Goggle drive. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need to open the file explorer first, but it’s enough with the browser you use. The way to select and click on My Drive is located directly below Search Drive or the “New” icon located in the upper left corner. You can also use Google Drive directly from the desktop. Click “gear” icon and click “Download backup and sync for Windows”, install it, and right-click on the selected file or folder, and click Google Drive.


Who uses Google Drive and Why?


EVERY Industry uses Google Drive! 

(By the way your kids may be using it in Google Classroom).

That’s how to use Google Drive starting from creating an account, saving, and sending files on Google Drive. This is a safe storage medium that you can use anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. You can also send files that are much larger than e-mail. This is the best back up media you get possibly get today. DO IT – try Google Drive!

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