What is Call To Action and Why Your Website Need One?

There are times when you are visiting a website to hire someone or get something, but in the end, you just do not know what to do. It can be a tough job to find the phone number or email address among the texts, image, and videos. This is all because there is no call to action button on the website that direct people what to do.

What is a call to action?

In digital marketing, a call-to-action or CTA is not a new topic. CTA is kind of words or message that urge readers or audiences to take part in your marketing such as call now, book now, buy now, and similar things. There may be variation in the choice of words, but all CTA should urge the reader to take immediate action. The call to action is one of the chances to motivate the audience to take a further step in becoming a client or customer. Even though there are still some debates on the importance of CTA. Having a good call to action on the landing page is what separates best SEO websites from normal website. CTA on the website is definitely an important part of the campaign or website.

The advantage of the call to action

The simple advantage of the call to action is to destroy the readers or audiences fatigue and confusion. Using the right CTA eliminates confusion and thus allowing readers to take further action to buy, book, hire, etc. Here are some reasons why you need to put an appropriate CTA to the website.

Direct reader’s attention to what you need

Every readers or visitors who come to the website have a clear purpose to buy, to book, to hire from you. The right call to action surely catches the reader’s attention and they will not leave the website empty-handed. The content builds excitement and delivers useful information; meanwhile, the call to action allows readers and visitors to gain more of the topic and becomes paying customer.

It helps the customer

You, as the website owner, need the CTA to draw readers or customers attention. On the other hands, the customers need the CTA as well. They have read your content and now they are ready to be one of your customers. Sometimes it can be difficult for the customer to find your contact on the website. However, a strong call to action will directly lead their way without making them confused.

Boost successful digital advertising

Digital advertising is all about marketing your service or product, grabbing customers’ attention, and encourage them to grab the deal. The CTA is like an important part of your advertising that emphasizes the main advertisement copy. Adding the call to action in the campaign helps you convey the intention of the campaign. It simply boosts the success of digital advertising because it has a direct message for the audience.

Increase sales and grow your audience

From simple ‘Find me on Instagram’ or ‘Buy now’; call to action brings leverage point to your business. It helps you grow the audience as well as increase the sales. All content that includes a call to action has a powerful voice to your business.

Cynthia Peters

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