Benefits to Power Washing Your Boat

There are few things better than spending a summer day on a boat, and if you’re an avid boater, you know all too well the time-consuming task of cleaning the day-to-day grime to the marine life off of your hull. Boats aren’t small investments by any means, so to ensure that you can enjoy your boat for years to come you will need to provide the proper care and maintenance. One method used to reduce the effects of harsh sea waters on your boat is power washing. The high-pressure water spray is an effective way to loosen and remove dirt and grime along with several other benefits.

Why Power Wash a Boat?

Sparkling Clean: Cleaning your boat can be a major time commitment, but with the aid of a power washer, the job is made easy and done quickly. Power washers are great tools to use to clean the dirt and marine life that builds up on your boat over an extended amount of time, but it’s important to regularly clean your boat, in order to remove the saltwater from your boat’s exterior as well as remove debris, algae, hull blisters and stains.

Cost-Effective: Routinely power washing your boat isn’t just to keep it looking brand new, regular cleanings also keeps you from spending more money in the long run on major boat repairs or replacements when problems progress.

Save Time: Marine growth and organisms like barnacles, mussels, and seaweed can be time-consuming to remove from your boat’s exterior, but with a power washer these contaminants can be removed all at once, saving you time and energy.

Increased Performance and Worth: Power washers also maintain your boat’s performance and protect it from environmental elements. Since boats are left in the sun, wind, and water for extended periods of time (or at all times) a thorough power washing will preserve the look, functionality, and worth of your boat.

Reduce Fuel Payments: A clean boat is one of the biggest factors in reducing fuel consumption. If your boat has a heavy buildup of dirt and slime you will notice not only a loss in performance but poor gas mileage. This is caused by your boat having to drag through the water, and in turn, churning through more fuel. After power washing your boat, you’ll notice fewer trips to the gas station, and in turn, fewer fuel payments.

Spend More Time in the Water: With your boat looking and working its best, you’ll likely want to spend more time out on the water, which is probably a benefit that outshines all of the others.

Thinking of yet another task to keep up with can be daunting, but as with anything that is worth doing, develop a realistic routine. As an average recreational boat, it’s recommended to clean your boat once a month, and with power washing made easy, this can be done in no time. If you get in the habit of power washing your boat, you’ll be sure to see the benefits next time you’re enjoying the water.

Cynthia Peters

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